Welcome to Bow of Bronze

Bow of Bronze Marketing Services is owned and operated by Amy Blevins.

Amy’s Blog at Bow of Bronze has moved to Homeschool Encouragement.

Amy’s homeschool marketing business has moved to Homeschool Blogging.

“When we were ready to launch Philosophy Adventure, Amy Blevins offered her services. She quickly assembled a team of experienced bloggers and led them with insight, creativity, and integrity. As a result, our resource received wide and favorable exposure.

“Amy is smart, sweet, and full of energy. Working with her was a delightful and rewarding experience.”

–Stacy Farrell, author of Philosophy Adventure, Home School Adventure Co.


“I first met Amy Blevins online about a dozen years ago. She stood out, as she had put in a whole bunch of time organizing some materials and she was willing to share the results freely.

A few years later, she was out there blogging reviews for homeschool products, and she pushed me to get a blog going and do it too. Again, she was freely sharing what she had worked so hard to learn.

With her new venture, she is doing a whole lot more of the same — working with some really great companies, and finding bloggers who can help them to get the word out about some cool products. Along the way, she is encouraging other mom-bloggers, and sharing the know-how she has acquired.

Working with Amy is a pleasure. She is positive, upbeat, and clearly cares about the companies and the bloggers who work with her. She makes participation easy and straight-forward, and I always learn a little bit more along the way.

Besides, she is simply a wonderful person and I’m thrilled to label her as a friend.”

— Debra Brinkman, Footprints in the Butter


“I have had the privilege of being a member of Amy’s Bow of Bronze Launch Team three times now. I’m not sure how she does it all but she handles things with efficiency and grace. She clearly communicates her expectations and leads her team with skill. Each launch just gets better and better!”

–Tonia Lyons, blogger at The Sunny Patch